Modern Slavery Policy

M&M Bucks Ltd


Policies and Procedures – Section 1 – Policy Statements




Modern slavery, human trafficking and all related activities which involve the deprivation of a person’s liberty in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain are crimes and constitute a violation of fundamental human rights. M&M Bucks Ltd is committed to acting ethically and with integrity to ensure there is no modern slavery, human trafficking or related activities taking place anywhere within its business or supply chain. This statement represents the policy of M&M Bucks Ltd regarding modern slavery and human trafficking, in line with the disclosure requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


M&M is a leading client-oriented and family owned company providing Mechanical Contracting and Offsite Construction services to various projects. We strive to develop exceptional relationships with consistently high performing clients and supply chain partners who share our vision and values.


We acknowledge that the structure and success of the business is reliant on the use of competent labour, either employed directly, through our sub-contract supply chain or our goods and materials supply chain. In this respect, we understand that there is risk that modern slavery may take place. As a part of our commitment to identify and mitigate these risks, we have the following arrangements in place:


• Employment eligibility checks on all directly employed personnel

• Due diligence checks on all sub-contractors and suppliers, including completion and assessment of prequalification questionnaires

• Ongoing checks of the eligibility of all site-based workforce

• Supporting policies including anti-bribery and corruption


We will communicate this policy to all stakeholders via appropriate means. All supply chain providers will be expected to acknowledge this policy and provide evidence, as necessary, to verify they operate to the same standards.


As part of the communication of this policy, all stakeholders will be encouraged to report any genuine concerns about any activities which may be connected to modern slavery or human trafficking. All reports will be handled in absolute confidence and those raising any genuine concerns will be fully supported. No-one will be subject to any reprisals or detrimental treatment, even if their concerns prove to be mistaken.


We will provide additional resource and training where necessary to ensure those with direct responsibilities under this policy have the appropriate competence to fulfil their duties.


This policy and the associated arrangements will be subject to internal audit and formal review periodically to ensure its continued effectiveness and suitability